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How to Delay or Confirm (not prevent) Dialing 911

Hey everyone, Today we are going to approach an issue that every business with more than 50 people has encountered at least once. 911 Calls. Here is the problem: Let’s say you have to dial 9 to get an outside

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How to make FreePBX include -custom contexts

Hey guys and gals, This is a quick article that has come up because in recent versions, FreePBX has changed the default setting so that custom contexts are NOT included by default. This means that we need to enable this

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How to Live Transfer with FreePBX or Asterisk

For sales inquiries, contact Rob @ 888.235.o5o5 Something that comes up time and time again is the desire to do warm and/or “live transfers” on Asterisk and FreePBX systems. (Including Trixbox, elastix, and others). Basically the way it goes is

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